segunda-feira, 14 de março de 2016

threw- through

• threw [8ru] the past tense of throw 'to cast something or
someone through the air. ' 0 The outfielder threw the ball
all the way to home plate. 0 The unruly horse threw its jockey
into the dirt.
• threw [8ru] the past tense of throw 'to form something on a
potter's wheel. ' 0 The potter threw some interesting clay vases
on his wheel.
• threw [8ru] the past tense of throw 'to project something. ' 0
The moon threw an eery light through the trees.
• threw [8ru] the past tense of throw 'to make or break a connection
with a power source using a lever or switch. ' 0 The
electrician threw a switch to cut off the source of power.
• through [8ru] by means of something. 0 Through sheer willpower,
Julie finally reached her goals.
• through [8ru] in one way and out another. 0 We will have to
travel through the tunnel in the mountain to reach the other
• through [8ru] over or across something. 0 We sailed through
some rough seas.
• through [8ru] from one point up to and including another
point. D That specialty shop is open Monday through Friday.

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