domingo, 27 de julho de 2014


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This package weighs roughly 1 kilogram.
roughly   Audio Pronunciation /ˈrʌfli/   adverb

1 : not exactly but close in number, quality, meaning, etc.
Roughly translated, it means “hurry up!”
The new product is modeled roughly on an earlier design.
Roughly [=approximately] 20 percent of our land is farmland.
2 a [more roughly; most roughly] : in a way that is not gentle or careful
He threw the package roughly in the truck.
The guard told us roughly that we had to stand back.
He pushed her roughly.
2 b [more roughly; most roughly] : in a very simple or basic way
a roughly [=crudely] built shelter
roughly sketched drawings
2 c [more roughly; most roughly] : in a way that produces a rough surface
roughly cut timber

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